About Dan

Dan Rosenberg is a successful business person who feels a deep responsibility to contribute to his local community and help those in need of assistance. His wide range of experience, enthusiasm, excellent communication skills, and ability to bring people of disparate views together, make him an excellent choice for US Congress.

Work Experience: Dan worked for three years as a Management Consultant to the Banking and Brokerage industry in New York City.

After that, he started and ran a t-shirt printing company in New York for five years. Hiring inner-city employees gave Dan an understanding of the challenges facing low-income, minority and immigrant people.

Wanting to give something back to his community, Dan went to work at a non-profit t-shirt printing company in San Francisco that hires people in recovery from drug addiction. He learned a great deal about Welfare-to-Work programs, their potential and their limitations.

Education: Dan graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics. He specialized in Finance and Entrepreneurial Business, giving him an understanding of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, big corporations and mom and pop businesses.

Volunteer Work: Dan generously volunteers his time for worthwhile causes and projects. He sits on the board of a community theater group that supports the arts in the public schools, and of the North Fork Community Development Council. He volunteers for a local food coop and has tutored immigrant kids in English.